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Friday, January 20, 2017

Carolee's Weird Tips to a Happier Life.

People are always asking me how I stay so upbeat, even when at times my world may seem to be crashing down around me. I decided I would share 5 things that help keep me happy. I know some people have extreme trauma and sadness. They may need a bit more help than Carolee's Weird Tips to a Happier Life. But it's worth a try.

Now some of this stuff is Christian-y. If you are a non-believer, Skip #1 if you wish. I still love you. No pressure.

#1 - My Christianity

Yes, I'm a believer. It's ok if you're not.

I LOVE listening to KLove or something similar. KLove plays contemporary Christian music, the kind that get's you dancing! I try to keep it on as much as possible around my house and in my car to keep my positivity up. If I'm feeling down and KLove isn't on, I turn it on. Almost immediately, I feel better. And yes, sometimes I dance around my house just because...because I can!

Even the rapper Toby Mac has some tunes on KLove! Check him out on YouTube...awesome!

I strive - yes strive (because I'm human and get distracted) to read my devotional and at least the Proverb of the Day every day (Proverbs 1 on the first of the month; Proverbs 2 on the second day of the month.)

I talk to Jesus all day. If I'm going somewhere and I'm anxious I ask for his comfort. I pray for others. Sometimes I pray for the strength to make it through another day. I remember that I am loved and I am beautiful in his eyes.

My church. That is where my second family is. My friends who have the same values and beliefs as me.

#2-My animals. With 3 dogs, a cockatiel and 4 parakeets, I have plenty of company, even when I'm alone. My birds love KLove, too. They seem to have favorite songs! They have extremely noisy gab fests every morning, again in the middle of the day and at night. Sometimes my Cockatiel will get bored and start whistling at me....like a guy would to a sexy lady. How could I not be happy with an admirer like that? Oh, and I get totally weird and try teaching them Jingle Bells and Peter Cottontail. I swear now and then I hear a line or two of Jingle Bells!

#3- My home I have almost 3 acres, about half of it is woods. And a HUGE pond at the bottom of the woods. With so much nature, how can I net feel happy?

I'm decorating my home the way I want. The picture below is my little office space in my bedroom. I have signs that I like, bible scriptures, inspirational words/quotes. I put whatever I want on my walls that inspires me. I don't care if anyone else likes it. I do.

I do have an office but it's getting a fresh make-over at the moment.

#4- Other people- I like other people. I seem to be able to tell a lot about a person upon first meeting them. I am an Empath and love to help others by making them happy and helping them to succeed. I love little kids, especially newborns - Kindergarten (where they learn to be heathens. Ha-ha). I get a kick out of watching them learn. And the stuff they say!

#5- Positivity- In Books, TV, radio.....stay away from negativity! Try to consider others feelings. Try not to take anything personally.

That's about it. I declare joy and happiness through my activities all day long.

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