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Friday, October 28, 2016

New Beginnings

I'm really trying to get back into this writing thing. Ideas fly through my mind at random times. When I try to sit down and write, I'm having one little problem. I hate to sit still. Until I get in the groove. But I have so many other things going on, that when I can sit, I sit in bed. And read or watch TV....so how to switch that to writing.

I need to find a way to keep my mind alert, not dumbed down and quieted down for the night.

Something I've been putting a lot of time into lately is talking with God, asking for his help and guidance. For Signs and Wonders. lol

Here's what I mean. I've worked a part-time job for about a year now. I needed to fill some time after giving up a relationship that consumed me, and I needed more cash flow for everything I have planned - get bills paid off A.S.A.P., do a zillion dollars worth of improvements on my house, vacations!

This part-time job was awesome in November, December, then part of January. Then the hours started dropping. And dropping. Retail!

I temporarily got back in my previous relationship, but nothing had changed. I had to say good-bye.

I dealt with the crappy hours and sold my tea on the side. Then the hours kept getting crappier.  I needed to stay busy and forget my fragmented heart. And I needed the cash.

So I talked a lot to God and asked what to do. To show me.

And he showed me signs!

Years ago, I wanted to start a library at my church. My daughter often went to youth group with some friends at another church. I knew that church had a library. I called the church and they hooked me up with Mrs. (Nancy) Abbott, who ran the library. Nancy invited me to her church and we talked at length about her journey starting a library.

Come to find out, she was an ABBOTT as in Abbott Farms. I had been there on school field trips with my kids a few times. Cool little place.

After that talk, I sent her a Thank You card, and she send me a nice little card as well.

I've been out to the farm a few times in the years since that visit with Nancy. I buy my local honey there. Never ran into Nancy on my visits.

So fast forward to this summer. I'm asking God what I should do. Quit my current job and look for another? Work 2 jobs?

I happened to be out of honey and had told myself a couple of times that I needed to get to Abbotts farms to get honey.

Around that time, I just happened to find the card from Mrs. Abbott. I thought that was a funny coincidence. Until....I opened Facebook and saw an ad (their newsletter) for Abbott Farms. They were hiring for tour guides for field trips. Temporary position until around the end of October.

On a whim, I applied and had an interview. Through the interview, the woman found out that I worked retail. She asked if I was interested in working in their store. It was a lot more hours. You'd better believe I jumped.

It was a great job. Nice,fun family atmosphere. Great employers.

But now it's about over...boo-hoo, but I know another adventure is right around the corner.

I have a million ideas, but most need that degree and experience, all of which take time. I am 50- something. Yikes!

I know Gods got me. I see where he's using me to encourage others and lift them up. How other's look to me for advice.

I'm scared to death of what's happening in our world. So many overdoses, so many suicides!

It used to be a random thing you hear about. Now it's EVERYDAY....and it's everywhere. You may think you don't know anyone that uses pills or heroin but it's everywhere. It could be your child, your parent, a police officer, a teacher. It does not discriminate.

I happened to walk into a conversation the other day between 3 ladies I know in a kinda-sorta way. They were talking about heroin. The one lady was talking about some relative who wiped out the parents bank account to feed his habit.

The second lady said, "Oh yeah, our son did that to us."

I knew the third one had a boyfriend in rehab.

And I know one or two close people who are addicts, recovering.

Sad that 4 out of 4 of us RANDOM ladies all had a story to tell.

So I wonder how I can help in this area.

Is this a career or a spiritual calling?

Too much to think about. That's why I leave it to God.

I just watch for the signs and wonders....


  1. Keep writing, keep contemplating, and most of all, God will bring you where need to be.